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We're thrilled to announce the winners of the first two of our giant eggs we've donated to raise funds to help with flood relief, all the details are below.  These are our happy winners ... the draws were recorded and uploaded to our facebook and insta sites. One final egg is being donated, so last chance to win this incredible giant chocolate egg, and support a great fundraiser.



The current flooding crisis is breaking our hearts, and like many we know, we want to help but have been unsure how.  So we figure we can do what we always do, and spread the love through chocolate.  We have created and are donating a GIANT easter egg, and we are selling 100 raffle (lottery) tickets for $10 each. If we sell all of these, we’ll make and donate another egg! And another!  We will deliver the egg locally or to the Sydney CBD for free, the week before Easter. If you are in an area outside of this, and you win, you will need to organise to collect the egg.  

As you can see from the photo, the egg is huge! It is made in our production area in our store in Leura, and is made entirely out of Fair trade certified Belgian Callebaut chocolate, and with the solid chocolate stand, weighs around 10kg. We’ve decorated this egg with gold shimmer, but also have the egg in a marbleised pattern if preferred.

We will be donating the funds to a local Lismore charity.   Northern Rivers has nearly 4% of the State's population, but nearly 19% of the States population of 'rough sleepers', and the second highest proportion of those 'sleeping rough' outside the Sydney CBD.   A not for profit organisation, run by volunteers, they served 26,602 meals during 2021.  In addition to the soup kitchen, the organisation provides medium termed accommodation to disadvantaged women and men at Mazzer House in Lismore and for marginalised men in Winsome. Their vision includes ‘moving people from disadvantage (of various kinds) to something better that is sustainable and stable’.

Thankfully they were able to evacuate their residents before the water had completely inundated the ground floor, and got to the first level causing enormous damage.  Their social media shows photos of their first floor verandah, becoming a wharf - a temporary drop off spot for stranded people and pets as emergency services struggled with evacuating people. They’ve also reported one of their volunteers found most of the people they knew who have been sleeping rough, safe and sound.

If you would like to help this organisation directly, visit their website, www.winsome.org.au or 'The Winsome Soup Kitchen' on Facebook where you’ll find a link for donations. 

We will draw the giant egg as soon as we have sold the tickets, and announce the winner on Facebook, Instagram and our website. 




We are now located across the road, at 187-197 Leura Mall, a beautiful old repurposed Church. Come say HI!

Our phone number will be the same 02 4784 2031.

Check out our new space here: 




Local artist creates illustration for our chocolate box notes

We're thrilled to announce the inclusion of a note identifying chocolates in our fine chocolate boxes.  Whilst not every chocolate will be on the note (ie. special editions etc), the regular range and favourites are all included.  All chocolates are identifiable by looking on our website of course.

We have also engaged young local artist Andrina Manon, to create an illustration for the note.  The savvy shopper on her vespa is a reminder to eat your chocolates sooner rather than later, given we don't use preservatives or artificial ingredients in our chocolates. 

Andrina's work can be viewed here:

Insta: @andrinamanonillustration 
Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/andrinamanon
Website: http://andrinamanon.com

 'GOLD' Chocolate Bustier Auctioned!

Featured on Channel 7 The morning show, this bustier and mannequin is made entirely of chocolate!  The bustier is made of Gold Salted Caramel Chocolate and the mannequin is made from dark chocolate.  Jodie was inspired by a Jean Paul Gaultier bustier, and has crafted a similar proportioned bustier made entire of chocolate, with the 'wheat' decor as well!  

The bustier was auctioned for the Arty Bra fundraiser, selling for $3000.  The much needed funds will help the local charity Cancer Wellness Support continue to help local Blue Mountains individuals and family who are coping with cancer. 



Jodie is a 'Chocolate Hero'!  

Belgian manufacturer of fine chocolate,  Callebaut, has announced  Josophan's founder and owner Jodie Van Der Velden is the first Australian chocolatier to be inducted into their 'Chocolate Hero' programme.  Jodie has been joined by Pastry Chefs Darren Purchase, from Melbourne  and Pastry Chef John Ralley and Baker Steve Anderson as the first Australian Chocolate Heroes! To learn more about the programme, click here



It's here! Click here to see our range of products with Ruby RB1



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